Program Details

  • Pitcher’s arm care, body mechanics and velocity training.
  • Hitter’s bat path, approach, timing, pitch recognition and baseball movement
  • Fielder’s movement, skills, drills, baserunning mechanics and sprint work.

This year we have it all and we are shrinking the class sizes to optimize the time spent and the attention each player gets from our coaching staff with a 1:4 coach-to-player ratio.

  • Pitching: Linty Ingram, AJ Merkle, Pete Perez
  • Hitting: Chris Edelstein, Matt Woytek
  • Defense: Alan Jordan, Terry Cruz, Richie Laurin
  • Catching: Terry Cruz, Richie Laurin
  • Strength and Movement: Matt Woytek

Hitting and defensive work consists of one-on-one consultations, a virtual pitch recognition regimen using WINReality, skull sessions, hitter’s strength modules, movement/biomechanics, sprint training, baserunning mechanics, footwork and arm care, test-in, mid-term and test-out evaluations with custom profiles using the Virtual Combine platform. 16 Players per session will be split into groups.

Pitching work consists of one-on-one tailored instruction, velocity training modules, video analysis, flatwork, full bullpens, pitcher strength modules, test-in, mid-term and test-out evaluations with custom profiles using the Virtual Combine platform. 6 players per session.

Centerfield Academy members receive a 40% discount on the Off-Season Grind programs!

Want to mix it up? We have that option too.:
November 30 – January 20 every Monday & Wednesday
2 Sessions per week for 8 weeks = 16, 75- minute sessions
The Grind: Pitching Only - $900 non-member, $540 for members
The Grind: Hitting & Defense Only - $750 non-member, $450 for members

December 1  – January 21 every Tuesday &/or Thursday
1 Session per week for 8 weeks = 8, 75- minute sessions-
*The Grind: Pitcher Only - $500 non-member, $300 for members
*The Grind: Hitter & defense Only: $400 non-member, $240 for members
*If you want to pitch one day and hit one day, you will need to register separately for the 1 day per week sessions.

Visit Centerfield Baseball and Softball Academy online at for membership information and a list of discounted services provided -or- stop in and ask about our membership program.

These programs are built for serious players wanting high-level, intense training. We are preparing players to be in mid-season form by the end of January. Register now to ensure your spot in this perennially sold out program!