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Athletic Pitchers Winter Velocity Camp

Athletic Pitchers Velocity Camp

Are you looking to increase your pitching velocity and stamina while improving your technique to prevent injury?

Serious athletes should invest the off season in Centerfield Academy’s Athletic Pitchers Velocity Training Program to take their pitching to the next level.
This exclusive training program is unlike any other program offered in the DFW area. Coach Ingram’s proven coaching principles encourage technique, repetition, intent, and persistence to refine motor skills, develop muscle memory, and create an athletic pitching delivery.
During the program, you will get personalized instruction in a small group setting together with Coach Ingram and other former college and or professional players.

By the end of the nine-week camp, you can expect:
• An increase in velocity, stamina, and command.
• Greater resiliency in the arm & ability to pitch more frequently with enhanced recovery.
• Enhanced "Athletic Pitcher" delivery.
• Refined pitches or pitch development with improved ability to throw secondary pitches.
• A training and throwing system to use for the rest of your baseball career.


Youth- 20 Sessions- $575
High School- 23 Sessions- $675

Registration Options:
You will be allowed to register for “A” Day Monday, Wednesday & Friday or “B” Day Tuesday, Thursday & Friday.

(8th Grade & below)- 8-week camp beginning November 26th & ending January 15th

High School 
(9th Grade & above)- 9-week camp beginning November 26th & ending January 22nd.

Dates & Times

(“A” Day) Monday, Wednesday & Friday
Youth- Mon & Wed 5:00 PM, Fri 5:30 PM
High School- Mon & Wed 7:00 PM, Fri 5:30 PM

(“B” Day) Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
 Tue & Thu 5:00 PM, Fri 5:30 PM
High School- Tue & Thu 7:00 PM, Fri 5:30 PM

Note: The schedule has some off days due to Holiday Season.

“A” Day Off Days- Dec. 24th & Dec. 31st
“B” Day Off Days- Dec. 25th & Jan 1st